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Low Maintenance Cuts
Contour Scissoring
Cat De-Matting

  • locally owned and operated
  • 25 years business experience and 12 years grooming dogs and cats.
  • Specialists in grooming with kindness and compassion
  • small shop gives your precious pet more one-on-one attention. (fewer appointments per day)
  • expertise in handling the senior pets
  • ask about Sandy’s free puppy intro and home groom training session.


Drop-In Nails & Anal Expression:


No Appointment necessary – Drop-In

Tue-Sat, 9AM to 9:30AM and 4PM to 5PM

All Grooms Include:

Bath, Coat Conditioner, Dry, Brush, Cut, Ears Cleaned, Nails Cut, Anal Glands expressed on request and a mini health check!


If you have errands or appointments all my clients who are in for services are provided with Day Care.

 Call Us today to book your appointment:

(604) 575-7199