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If you have errands or appointments all my clients who are in for services are provided with Day Care.

Why Choose Us

Breed Standard Cuts
Low Maintenance Cuts
Contour Scissoring
Cat De-Matting


  • locally owned and operated
  • 25 years business experience and 12 years grooming dogs and cats.
  • Specialists in grooming with kindness and compassion
  • small shop gives your precious pet more one-on-one attention. (fewer appointments per day)
  • expertise in handling the senior pets
  • ask about Sandy’s free puppy intro and home groom training session.


Drop-In Nails & Anal Expression

No Appointment necessary - Drop-In

Tue-Sat, 9AM to 9:30AM and 4PM to 5PM


What We Provide

We love our friends as our own.

Call Today

(604) 575-7199

Grooming & Cleaning

Included in each Groom Bath, Coat Conditioner, Dry, Brush, Cut, Ears Cleaned, Nails Cut, Anal Glands expressed on request and a mini health check!


Best Groomer 2017 Cloverdale Reporter

Some Daily News About Dog

We sharing some dog stories and tips for how to care your dog read our
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